Honktown Meltdown results and photo gallery

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We would like to extend our thank you to Elder Dianne Kaiswatum, our volunteers, and all participants and spectators that helped to make the Honktown Meltdown skateboard contest a success! A great time was had by all attendees, which included entrants from both Saskatchewan and Manitoba.

RSC’s mission is to develop inclusive facilities, events and activities that support the physical, psychological and social wellbeing of Regina youth through skateboarding and skateboard culture.

We would also like to thank the following organizations for their support of this event: the McMorris Foundation, the City of Regina, REAL District, SaskEnergy, Colonialism Skateboards, the Tiki Room, DLB Properties Limited, 22 Fresh, Supra Distribution, Grand Trading, and Vans Canada.

The official results:

Ages 13 & under:
1) Liam Harrison
2) Koda Harrison
3) Eli Holtslander

1) Ophelia Chapados
2) Haley Holtslander

Ages 14-16:
1) Julius Derkson
2) Braydon Martell
3) Javier Lees

Open Category:
1) Erik Penton
2) Levi Reoch
3) Logan Lupanko

Here are some photos from the event (shot by Noel Wendt):

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